“Hauptwerk” for Beginners

St Margaret’s Anglican Church

99 Main Rd McLaren Vale : 2pm, Saturday 23 November 2019

Hauptwerk: for beginners and the experienced.

Heard about the “Hauptwerk” computer software that can be used to create an electronic organ with many digitally sampled real pipe organs available? Greg John will demonstrate his Hauptwerk organs: from a simple one keyboard and headphones, to a gutted and refitted Thomas organ, to a knock-down portable 3-manual + pedals virtual pipe organ, all done with no knowledge of electronics, MIDI, or soldering, and with rudimentary woodworking skills.

The current St Margaret’s organ is the Greg Trott Virtual Pipe Organ. (See photo) Claire Baker, an electronics and MIDI expert, and organist, will talk about the work she has done to convert the console (built by Leith Jacob) into a reliable, easy to use instrument with a very convincing sound.

If attending this event, you may like to eat lunch at various places available in McLaren Vale or picnic in the grounds of the Visitor Centre or in the parking area near St Margaret’s. There are also numerous wineries in the area for those who want to go early and make a day of it. It is envisaged that the session will be over by 4pm so people can get away in good time to return to the city.

The Greg Trott Virtual Pipe Organ